"I need you all to join my reality show!"
- Calculator

Summary Edit

Calculator is the host of IMTN and is voiced by the mother of EdgyGem, the creator of the show.

Personality Edit

Calculator is unpredictable and charismatic. She knows how to host and how to host well, which is why she is easily able to convince all of the characters to join Item Town. She is easily annoyed, as seen by when Scythe begins complaining about how her show is unoriginal.

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Remember how to Remember Edit

Calculator is first spotted by Mirror watching all the contestants from a far away cliff. Calculator then disappears, much to Mirror's confusion, before re-appearing right behind her. Mirror and Sunny are startled, but Calculator explains that she is looking for a group of objects to join her reality show. Mirror learns that the group of objects she is looking for is them. Calculator then gets everyone to join the show.

Map get's angry at Calculator after she states it'll take a few short minutes to travel across Obmerica, which is apparently very large. Calculator then says they will be able to get around easily with the help of Demon, who makes his dramatic entrance. Calculator then orders Demon to portal them away to Item Town, and he obliges.

Once everyone arrives in Item Town, Calculator begins to explain how the show works. Scythe interrupts her, and guesses how the show works. Scythe gets most of it right, but Calculator says that the viewers don't vote who gets off for the entire series. Scythe then claims Item Town is a rip-off of Inanimate Insanity, and Calculator says "Fudge you" to her and ignores her claims. She them helps everybody arrange into two teams.

After the teams are arranged, she escorts everybody to where the challenge will take place. She then makes a speech about how the challenge will go before letting the teams go at it as she and Demon watch.

When The CoolBeans lose, she says it's a tough break for them. She then tells the viewers how to vote.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only object on the show that is an electronic.